The Power of Youth Coaching

When we think about coaching, we typically envision the well paid professional coaches of our favorite NFL or NBA teams whose salaries have lots of zeros in them. We assume, and sometimes correctly, that these professional coaches wield a lot…

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20 Sports Movies to Help Inspire You Between Games

The summer tournament season is almost upon us. Whether you’re traveling to tournaments near or far, you’re sure to have some down time in the car, on the bus or on the plane (and between games). Think about downloading some…

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Winning Isn’t Everything

How many times have you heard this conversation? Child: “I had a game today.” Adult: “Did you win?” Winning Isn't Everything We’ve all heard exchanges similar to this. The response is seldom` “Did you have fun?” or “Tell me about…

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What Young Athletes Should Be Eating on Game Day

Game day nutrition is particularly important for young athletes who are growing, maturing, and have high energy demands. Making sure they make smart, nutritious choices will ensure they have adequate fuel to make it through the big game and beyond.…

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