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Can Technology Replace Service in Sports Housing?

Can Technology Replace Service

There’s an old saying that “technology is only as good as its user.” Countless developments have been made to expand, improve and simplify the technology platforms for group blocks and hotel reservations for sporting events, but in our experience, technology is only as good as the service behind it. This is why Team Travel Source has continued to prioritize our people, our relationships and our service first before internally rolling out a proprietary reservation system in 2020 amidst the toughest stretch in history for sports tourism. Our reputation was built and thrives on the foundation of positive personal experiences with not just our event producers and clients but also with hotels, venues, CVBs and Sports Commissions, participating teams, coaches and families.

As we return to safe play and safe travel in 2021 and beyond, there’s no shortage of options for technology platforms relating to registration, scheduling, communication and housing – all claiming to have the most up to date features, most user friendly, fully automated processes, best reporting, etc. The research on current platforms is widespread, but even the best technology is still just one of many tools needed to provide the best sports housing service. Sports and hospitality are people driven industries, and TTS invests in people alongside technology.

Soon, TTS will make a public launch of our new reservation system that we created with service in mind, but until then, we’ll continue to focus on our core principles of culture and customer service that have propelled us to the top of the industry. We’re proud of our new technology and how it will support our layered staff approach, our growing portfolio of event producers and facilities as well as our commitment to service. Our proprietary sports housing technology impacts everything that we do, and we’re eager to showcase it as an improvement to our process but never as a replacement to our top notch service.

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