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What does a Lowest Rate Guarantee Really Mean in the World of Sports Housing?

lowest rate guarantee

Everyone says they have the “best rate guarantee.” But, what does that REALLY mean when it comes to sports tournament housing services?

By definition, a lowest rate guarantee is a commitment that the booking site hosts the lowest rates available over event dates for a given room type at our partner properties. It’s important that your housing company understands how quickly travel plans can change, especially in the world of youth sports! These flexible policies better fit the needs of families in the sports market.

Your event attendees should be confident in knowing that your housing company and their hotel partners can truly commit to providing the lowest rate available. We all know attendees may shop the market, and you’ll want to make sure your housing partner has you covered! If an event attendee sees an outside rate directly through the hotel that is lower than the listed rate, your housing partner should have a simple procedure in place for the guest to report the discrepancy so that the housing company can quickly research and assist!

It’s important to know that if a rate is found directly through the hotel that is not a direct comparison, (i.e. pay in full in advance, no cancellation allowed, no guarantee of room type, etc.), the hotel will likely not be required to match the best rate guarantee. In those cases, your housing partner may not be able to advocate for a guest should they personally commit to less-than-ideal stipulations. For this reason, it’s always important for guests to fully understand the parameters in which they are booking. On the other hand, if a rate is found directly through the hotel that is truly an apples-to-apples comparison to the listed rate in terms of room type, cancellation, occupancy, payment terms, etc., your housing partner should quickly become the guest’s advocate with the hotel to provide a resolution. Having a housing partner that has strong established relationships with individual hotels and Hotel National Sales teams is integral to get to the bottom of any scenario that arises and to ensure your attendees are provided the exceptional service they deserve! If handled proactively and correctly, low rate guarantee should be just that!

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