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3 New Ways to Upgrade Your Event Now

When you are planning for your next season and want your events to stand out above the rest, you may think you have to “recreate the wheel.”  Before you consider big time-consuming change that may or may not work, you should look at what you are already doing and ask yourself, “Is what I am currently doing adding maximum value for all of my customers?”

Upgrading your events really might be more about the overall experience than it is about specific change. Have you ever examined the experience that EACH layer of your customers and partners have? Doing so may help simplify things for you. From registration to customer service to the awards ceremony… each layer is a touchpoint along their journey. From the athletes and parents to your vendors and venue, what could you do to enhance and add value to each of those groups NOW with the tools you already have in place?

How do I do this?

Start by breaking out each segment. Ask yourself, “how can we make their experience better?” Then look at what tools you already have and truly examine if you are maximizing their value to better the overall experience.

What tools?

Here are some tools that you likely already have in your arsenal that can truly change or enhance your event experience!

  • YOUR EVENT CITY’S CVB OR SPORTS COMMISSION! Ask them how they could help you add value to your customers experience. Some examples of ways the local CVB or Sports Commission can help are:
    • Coordinate local volunteers to help run your event more efficiently and provide extra people to direct your attendees. These extra people can help make a “big” entrance as your guests enter the facility, or they can help hand out things from your sponsors to the guests.
    • Create and provide your attendees with local attraction and restaurant coupons or private openings.
    • Coordinate transportation to the venue from the hotels. This will save on cost for the participants and provides an easier experience that they will much appreciate.
  • YOUR PARTNERS! Have a conversation with your partners. Explain your pain points so they fully understand what you are trying to accomplish. Your partners are there to help you and the city make your event the ultimate experience for all. Try these partnership suggestions:
  • YOUR HOUSING COMPANY! – Your housing company likely has many service and technology capabilities that they can and should provide to enhance your event.  Some examples are:
    • Reach out to all your attending teams directly to assist them with setting up their group block – all of your teams should feel like VIPs! 
    • Providing analytical data that shows pick up details and give you better negotiating power and added value to your guest experience!
    • Add value to your sponsorship packages. Their booking sites will, in some cases, provide ad space that is visible to the attendee multiple times and can provide a link to a website or flyer they would like to share with your guest.
  • YOUR VENDORS & SPONSORS! Here are some great ways to involve them:Have your vendors sponsor an event experience. For instance, a fun photo booth, batting cage, or video game break room can create ancillary fun at your event.Work with your sponsors to create a special award for your event in their name.Add a before or after party sponsored by a vendor or sponsor! 

In the end, there are many simple and cost-free things you can do to upgrade your event and make a lasting experience for all your attendees. Some of them are already in your back pocket. You’ll be surprised what you can get if you just ask!

In today’s market, service is everything.  Keep your teams coming back to you by making sure they experience the best service possible… from start to finish!

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