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Healthy Snack Ideas for Team Sports

Spring is here and spring sports are back in action! When it comes to kids’ team sports, every parent will be in charge of the team snack at some point in the season. When is your turn? Wondering what you’re going to bring? Although it may be tempting to bring treats the kids will love like chips and cookies, it may be best to focus on something a bit healthier. The idea is to keep them energized during the day and to avoid giving them sugary treats that will cause them to crash later.

We have some practical and creative solutions to fuel up your little athlete.


  • Watermelon: Slice it into wedges for hands to easily grab and eat.
  • Frozen grapes: You’ll be surprised how quickly these disappear. 
  • Clementines: Pre-peel and throw them in a bag.   
  • Apples Slices and Bananas: Bonus points if you bring individual peanut butter for dipping.


  • Popcorn: Go with a variety of flavors for a yummy medley. 
  • Pretzels: Bring along hummus or another dip for extra nutrition.


  • Yogurt: Look for options with little to no added sugar.
  • String cheese: A classic treat sure to be enjoyed.


  • Nuts: Be sure to check for allergies!
  • Granola bars: Look for options with little to no added sugar.
  • Protein bars:  Larabars® and Kind® Bars are all great brands.
  • Trail mix: An easy favorite with many combos to hit that sweet and salty craving.
  • Whole grain cereal: Look for individual boxes of Cheerios® or Kix®.


  • Mini sandwiches: Try something simple like PB&J or turkey & cheese.
  • Waffle skewers: Cut one cooked whole grain waffle in 9 pieces. Thread waffle pieces, banana slices, peanut butter and grapes on pretzel sticks or wooden skewers.
  • Fruit skewers: Simply slide grapes, strawberries, melons, apples – or fruit of your choice on wooden skewers.
  • Tortilla rollups: Fill with peanut butter and honey or fruit
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