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The Importance of Branding in Business

What is a business’s “brand?” The word ‘branding’ brings to mind examples of logos, products 

and graphics. While those are incredibly important to building a cohesive visual brand, they only represent a few of the concrete elements. Abstract branding elements are pivotal to the success and social engagement of a business. Examples of the abstract elements are customer service dependability, overall reputation, mission and voice.

Without all of the elements, a business’s branding will feel unfinished. 

A cohesive brand identity gives people a clear understanding of what a business is all about. With a clear logo, attractive colors, impactful mission statement and engaging voice, a business can more successfully control the public’s perception and leave a long-lasting impact. Evidence shows that poor branding is easy to forget, and in this age of social media and fast-moving content, the best way for a business to make an impression is to stand out from the crowd.

Believe it or not, good branding can make your business seem more trustworthy! A business that has an eye-catching and cohesive brand will come across as dependable and honest. Even subconsciously, audiences will notice when a business has put effort into their brand. It can also communicate what kind of service or care a customer will receive. For example, if a luxury company’s online shop is difficult to navigate and their voice is too casual, many customers may hesitate to trust them enough to enter their credit card information. Or a company switching voices and visuals between advertising elements will feel inconsistent and untrustworthy.

Good branding doesn’t just benefit a business via customer interactions; it will benefit employees, too! Cohesivity throughout a brand will help build trust with employees the same way it does with customers. An attractive color scheme and logo go a long way to make people feel like they are a part of a real team, but a brand mission that fits the overall aesthetic and voice of a company will strengthen an employee’s positive perception of the business. This can help increase productivity and retention. Every employee helps establish and uphold your business’s brand, so it’s also important to keep the brand in mind when picking potential coworkers!

Again, good branding is the clear, clean and precise combination of visual and abstract elements. Without these proper hallmarks, a business will likely have trouble gaining and retaining new customers and employees. With these elements, however, even the most fledgling company will seem experienced and trustworthy.

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