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The Best Tips to Help Sports Parents Save Money on Travel

Travel has always been something to save up for, and with prices around the world steadily going up, it can seem impossible to get ahead of the bills! However, there are ways to save money so traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are our top 5 tips and tricks on saving money when it comes to sports travel!

Download Entertainment Before Your Trip!

Pre-downloaded music and movies are a game changer when it comes to long trips with kiddos and teens. In-flight movies and wifi can be a pretty penny, so it pays to have entertainment at your fingertips. For those driving instead of flying, you never know when service may drop along those long stretches of highway and pre-downloaded content won’t eat up your data limit! Just don’t forget your chargers and to update any apps!

Bring Your Own Snacks!

With prices going up and growth-spurts making your little athlete ravenous, having their favorite snacks on hand is crucial. Gas station and airport snacks can be marked up to three times more expensive than buying them online or at the grocery store. So a bag of snacks and a cooler of drinks on the floorboard make the inevitable “Moooommm… I’m Huunnnggry!” much cheaper to resolve AND you don’t have to stop. Although you can’t bring liquids through airport security, most domestic flights allow you to bring a backpack full of solid, dry snacks.

Look Out For Kid’s Deals!

Whether it’s kids under 12 eat free at a restaurant or a “pay your age” day at the local zoo, there are all sorts of deals for families to be found. Check out the visitor website of the city you’ll be visiting to scope out local attractions. Many deals will be online-only or heavily discounted if you pay beforehand, so be on the lookout online for great pre-purchase discounts on events and food! 

Ship your Bulky Groceries!

Delivery meal services are no new thing! Since the dawn of travel people have been paying to have food delivered, but did you know in many cities, you can get groceries delivered as well? For bulky items like diapers, it makes more sense to buy them at your travel destination rather than trying to cram them into your checked bags or into the back of your car. Trying to grocery shop after a long day of travel can make even the happiest of kids grumpy. Taking time during the commute (for a non-driving adult!) to build a grocery order in one of the many apps will help keep everyone calm and happy and avoid decision fatigue. Many hotels allow grocery services and even Amazon to deliver! Just be sure to let the front desk know!

Eat In!

This goes hand in hand with bringing your own snacks! As tempting as it is to just pile into the car on the way to a venue and zoom through the drive-through for breakfast, it may be costing you more than you think. Eating out is an inevitability of travel. Whether you’re excited to try new local restaurants or the convenience of having someone else make your food after a long day is just too enticing, eating at a restaurant with your entire family can add up to a hefty bill. Try eating breakfast at your hotel (even better if breakfast is provided by your hotel!) and if the venue you’re going to allows it, pack a lunch.

Traveling can be expensive, but saving money doesn’t have to be a chore. These methods may seem simple but when used together, they can go far in padding your wallet while traveling. 

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