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Selecting the Right Host City for Your Event

The perfect host city may not exist but selecting the right host city for your event can make a critical difference in the success and growth of your organization. Competition venues are important, but planning services, relationships, financial incentive, ease of travel, wide array of accommodations and competition of other events are all things to consider when placing your event. A host city’s experience, offerings, services and even infrastructure shouldn’t be overlooked either when interviewing for a future host, as the city will benefit greatly by the economic impact of your event..


Finding a host city with experience in sporting events like yours offers many benefits. They should understand the flow of traffic, staffing needs for operation, custodial services, parking, lodging and more. A city or facility that has only hosted local leagues and practices may not understand what it takes to be a great tournament host.

Ease of Travel

  • How will your competitors and families get there? 
  • Where are your teams coming from? 
  • Is the city easy to get to and is the travel affordable?

A brand-new venue can be an enticing reason to select a future host city, but how many teams will participate if the nearest airport is 100 miles away with limited flight offerings?

With so many options for sporting events, the convenience and cost for competing teams becomes a major factor in deciding where to play. Selecting a host city that is conveniently located and affordable to travel to could increase your event participation and improve event satisfaction.


The convenience and affordability of lodging is something to strongly consider when selecting a host city. The competition facility may be brand new and state-of-the-art, but if the closest hotels require a long commute to and from your event, it could affect the overall event experience. Ensure your host city has multiple lodging options at varying price points that are in close proximity to the competition venue.

Local Event Calendar

An experienced host city will likely have high profile and recurring events that resonate with their community. Be sure to discuss with your potential host city, other events on their local calendar that could create capacity issues or conflict with your overall event experience. You will want to take into consideration the potential for Iincreased traffic and traffic flow, higher demand for hotel rooms and potential of increased rates, availability of rental cars, and parking constraints at or near your  competition venue.

Engaged Community

Take the time to understand the local landscape of your sport in a potential host city. Connect with local businesses that may have an interest in your particular sporting event, build relationships with the local clubs/teams and universities. Engaging the community the local community can help reduce your costs, avoid conflicts, bolster your impact and mobilize solutions if your event is faced with an operational challenge such as inclement weather, equipment malfunctions or staffing shortages.  

Team Travel Source partners with local CVB’s, municipalities and sports commissions and will assist our event partners with RFP Sourcing and site selection, in order to maximize your events experience for all involved. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current event needs, share ideas, leverage relationships and help to maximize your event experience!

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