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Planting Love for Honduras

In the country of Honduras, which is relatively the size of Georgia, there is a province called La Paz. Inside of La Paz, you will find Buenos Aires. Although it means “Good Air”, this area is known as having the worst living conditions around. Compared to a slum village in the busting city of New Delhi in India, Buenos Aires is quite similar. There are hundreds of people on a small plot of government land, and whatever the families can build up as a home, that’s where they live. Dirt floors, tin roofs, no running water, single rooms for large families. Whatever you can imagine as being bad living conditions.

Team Travel Source began their involvement in Buenos Aires in 2022 and since has actively supported the mission and helped to bring many visions to light!

In March of 2022, Team Travel Source contributed towards the electricity in the building by providing the funds to purchase the tools, light bulbs, electric poles, wires, labor fees and supplies needed to provide physical LIGHT to these children in Sueños y Sonrisas. Having electricity in this building has opened doors for opportunity. TTS left behind over 200 mini flashlights for the children so that they could remember our team’s mission of spreading and being a light.

In May of 2022, we hosted a donation drive in the parking lot of Team Travel Source. We collected items of all sorts- ranging from clothes, toys & large furniture items. We worked with the US military and had to reach a minimum of 2000 pounds but exceeded that minimum and collected nearly 8,000 pounds of donated items.

In March of 2023, TTS collected donations for planting seeds of love in Honduras.  The donations were used to purchase materials and actual seeds for a physical garden to be planted once the construction is complete and the grounds are prepared.

In June of 2023, we will begin the construction of our first 3 classrooms to send the children of the village to school and give them an education, since most of them are not currently attending any local schools for a myriad of economic reasons. We are so grateful to have been given donations from Team Travel Source, local individuals, and more!

After 6 years of donations, missionary teams, and even being halted by Covid, we have a full functioning church building with services being held every weekend, men’s and women’s bathrooms that include showers and areas to tend to their children, running water, electricity throughout the facility, and a full functioning industrial kitchen and dining room for feeding the village. All of this progress, construction, and donations are nothing short of a miracle!

If you are interested in seeing or hearing more, or even getting involved, please visit our website and find us on Facebook and Instagram. Reach out to Jackie Napper or Lyndsee Hawkins. The possibilities are endless and the construction phase is still in need of donations and building teams to help it get finished!

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