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Essential Piece

We have what we believe is the best team in the business, and we know each and every one of them is essential to our company’s success. To reward our team, each month, we give out an “Essential Piece” award to a deserving member or members of our team! Closing each year, a few lucky team members are drawn to win all-expense paid, week-long vacations!

2023 Winners – Bryttny Cole, Jordan Malke, Ryan Tetz & LeAnne Humphrey

2022 Winners — Alex Holbrook, Beth Matran, Kristi Lee & Allie Gregory
2021 Winners — Jackie Napper, Brittany Durant & Sarah Wise-Wheatley
2020 Winners — Patricia Driscoll, Ainsley Harris & Sydney Pridemore
2019 Winners Beth Matran & Denise Buenning
2018 Winners Christina Heintz & Erin Hobson
2017 Winners Ainsley Harris & Lee’Anne Hardin
2016 Winner Sarah Wise-Wheatley
2015 Winner Sarah Wise-Wheatley

Thank you for your amazing contributions to our team!

The WOAH MAN! Award recognizes a team member who has gone over and above their own job description and duties to make the company better. They are a cheerleader for the company and a believer in our goals. Without them, things would have fallen through the cracks.  This person is key to the operations of our company, and they help by adding valuable input that allows our company to work more efficiently and continue on a growth path. Other team members and managers depend on this person, and Team Travel Source would not be the same without them!

2023 Winner– Lee’Anne Hardin

2022 Winner – Beth Matran | 2021 Winner Sarah Wise
2020 Winner – Lee’Anne Hardin | 2019 Winner – Lee’Anne Hardin
2018 Winner – Dawn Ashburn | 2017 Winner – Dana Blough

The Unicorn Award recognizes a team member who works on our management level who always works to move the company forward. This person represents him/herself as a leader on our team and is a visionary who works to improve processes and bring new ideas to their department and the company as a whole. The company owners choose the person that they feel will be a true part of our company’s future on a high level.

2023 Winner – Sarah Wise

2022 Winner – Chelsea Ancona | 2021 Patricia Driscoll
2020 Winner – Angela Forte
| 2019 Winner – Kirsten Haysley
2018 Winner – Ainsley Harris | 2017 Winner – Christina Heintz

The Heart of TTS Award recognizes a team member who is the heart and soul of TTS. They are always full of life, energy and teamwork. They always lead with a smile and passion for TTS. This person is always on the “energy bus” and deters energy vampires. They would run through a wall for TTS, and their heart gets people fired up to come to work and is simply the X-factor. They always display a TEAM FIRST approach, they bring out the best in those around them and represent the Heart of TTS.

2023 Winner – Beth Matran

2022 Winner — Chris Miele

The Corey Awards were started in 2021 as a way to recognize TTS team members who personify our core values.  Given out during Employee Appreciation Week each year, we highlight six people who serve as great examples to the rest of our team. Our Six Corey Awards for 2023 are: 

Chelsea Ancona

Lexie Dawson

Barbie Baggett

Lee’Anne Hardin

Sydney Holnagel

Beth Matran

TTS Best is a new initiative that we announced at our 2022 Holiday Party, and we are excited to recognize the VERY BEST at TTS. Our team consists of dozens and dozens of rockstars, but we set out to name the BEST of the BEST! TTS Best was designed to recognize the TTS team members who truly stand out and excel in his/ her role. Our TTS Best was chosen by the Executive Team from a group of peers from their division or department. We are proud of our TTS Best 2023 winners, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish in 2024! 

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