5 Reasons to Always Choose a Hotel Over a Vacation Rental

In recent years, sites like HomeAway and Airbnb have given travelers a variety of new lodging options. While home-sharing and vacation rental properties can seem like good and inexpensive alternatives to booking hotel rooms, they often come with much greater risks…

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Three Keys to Managing A Youth Sports Tournament

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same is true of managing an event as large as a youth sports tournament. Sorting out details begin with the basis of management.While kids, parents, friends and family…

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Youth Sports Tourism

Last year, a consultant on youth sports facilities development named Dev Pathik explained to reporter Jon Frankel that $9 billion is spent per year on youth sports travel. Pathik went on to say that this number is growing by 20…

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The 7 C’s – Lessons on Building a Team

The most important team at any youth sports tournament is the team that produces the tournament. Without this team, the entire tournament falls apart. But, how do you build a team that works together to create the best experience possible…

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How To Reduce Stress When Planning A Tournament

Running any event can be stressful, but running a city wide tournament, with multiple locations, more than a hundred teams, and the pressure of helping a city’s economy can lead an event planner to more than the usual hair pulling.…

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