Building A Relationship With Your Sponsors

As a youth tournament organizer you need to think of your sponsors as your most important customer. The problem most organizers find is that they get busy. They forget to check in with their sponsors, they don’t deliver what they…

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How To Tempt Sponsors With Your Event

Planning a tournament takes time, energy and patience but without financing, none of these matter. That’s where sponsors come in. Finding sponsors for your event can make or break a first year event. Established events and event producers have ready…

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Your Child Wants to Quit a Sport – Now What?

Quitting sports is inevitable, particularly if you have multiple children who participate in multiple sports. Since a majority of kids end their athletic careers in high school or just before, there will come a day when one of them comes…

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Prevent Sports Burnout in Young Athletes

Just a generation ago burn out from youth sports was relatively unheard of. Professional athletes occasionally retired early because of it, but among athletes age 10-14, sports burn out wasn’t even part of the vernacular. Flash forward to today’s young…

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Number One Reason Kids Play Sports? Hint: It’s NOT Winning!

Scoring goals, winning, medals, and trophies. That’s what’s best about sports, right? Nope. Not according to the kids. Reasons Why Kids Say They Like Playing Sports When Amanda Visek, an exercise science professor at George Washington University, surveyed nearly 150…

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