What I Learned As Team Mom

Being the team mom on a recreational team is pretty easy. You create a snack spreadsheet for the parents and hope you get enough volunteers to provide snacks all season long. Worse case scenario, you provide snacks a few extra…

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Questions You Should Be Asking Your Volunteer Coaches

With children starting sports as young as 4-years-old, there is a bigger need for volunteer coaches than ever before. Chances are, if you have children you will be approached to coach at least once. While some parents were born to…

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The Sports Event Producers Guide from the Sources that Define our Industry Today

Having been an event producer for over 20 years, I’ve found that the best lessons are learned through first-hand experiences. I thought it would be very valuable to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way as well…

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Lived & Learned — 10 Things to Ask When Booking a Sports Venue!

Location, Location, Location! While it is true in real estate, it is equally true in selecting a venue or fields for your event. Along with location, however, many other factors play into helping you create a successful event. Many of…

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