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Customer Service Director

  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Customer Relations

REPORTS TO: VP of Customer Success & Retention

HOURS: Full-time

PAY/SALARY: Starting at $45,000/yr. (determined by experience)

General Job Overview:

The primary job of the Customer Service Director is to ensure that our Customer Service department is set up to provide the best customer experience to our partners and guests. This includes managing the department to ensure high productivity and quality results.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Oversee day-to-day operations of the call center

• Hire, train and onboard new Customer Service Specialists

• Focus on and increase Customer Service Specialist retention and/or promotion to other departments

• Provide HR support for department – goal setting, disciplinary concerns, reviews, etc.

• Provide regular professional development & growth opportunities within the department

• Analyze and manage call center schedules to maximize productivity and financial benefit

• Set goals and standards for customer service metrics (KPIs) – phone call times, agent time on phones, etc.

• Ensure staff members are achieving these goals and take corrective action if needed

• Identify trends in call volume, times, subject matters and strategize on how to improve metrics

• Lead team meetings, asking questions to better understand the calls the team is receiving and strategizing on how to decrease the volume of calls on particular subjects

• Provide weekly reports to management showing productivity of the call center as well as concerns, issues or problems.

• Ensure all employees follow best practices for call center management and operations

• Create and manage a quality control program to track customer service effectiveness

• Work with management to evaluate structure of team and make adjustments as necessary. Manager will oversee changes, monitor success and shift as needed.

• Responsible to train and track “upselling” of the customer service team – travel insurance, shoulder nights, rental cars and any additional partnerships we create

• Create an incentive program to award the Customer Service team for upselling these services

• Monitor and adjust phone system, emails and chats as necessary to route guests appropriately

• Study and adjust agent workflow to create quicker call times and better response time

• Be involved in the growth of our technology to streamline features that will assist with the department’s productivity and guest satisfaction

• Collaborate with other department leaders to ensure they have what they need from the call center and vice versa

• Provide additional admin work to Customer Service team when phones are slow

• Provide support to Customer Service team when situations are escalated

• Take phones calls, emails, chats as needed

• Other miscellaneous administrative duties as needed

Required Skills/Traits:

• Must be EXCELLENT at customer service. Must have a very POSITIVE demeanor and always act in a PROFESSIONAL manner when dealing with a customer

• Ability to manage challenging situations, respond promptly to client needs, answers all client requests in a timely manner and develop solutions to real-time problems

• Ability to manage all types of people and not shy away from confrontation or difficult conversations

• Strength in multi-tasking – Must be able to handle multiple goals, projects and tasks at once

• Strategic and big picture thinking is a must

• Deadline driven – Must meet all deadlines and goals

• Must be a good communicator

• Ability to balance individual and team responsibilities. Must be willing to show openness and acceptance to others, welcome feedback and support the company’s efforts to succeed as a whole

Abilities and Experiences:

• 3+ years of customer service experience is a must.

• Call center management experience is a plus.

• Salary and benefits commensurate to education and experience.

• This job may require a non-compete agreement to be signed as a condition of employment.

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