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Step 1
Book your coaches’ rooms as you normally would and make note of your Event Pipe ID.

​Step 2
Fill out the form below at least 6 weeks prior to the event date. Requests that are submitted within 6 weeks of the event will not be honored.

Step 3
Two weeks prior to the event, TTS will reach out to inform you of the amount of comp rooms earned at the property referenced in the Comp Room Request Form.


Most hotels will offer a comp rooms equal to 1 room night per 40 room nights booked; however, this may not be guaranteed for all hotels.

  • Room nights will be earned, rather than full room reservations under the 1 per 40 comp room ratio.
    • EXAMPLE – A team books 25 rooms for 2 nights totaling 50 room nights. The 1 per 40 ratio will be applied, so coach/gym owner will earn 1 night free. If the coach is booked for 2 nights, 1 of the room nights will be complimentary.
    • EXAMPLE – A team books 50 rooms for 3 nights totaling 150 room nights. The 1 per 40 ratio will be applied, so coach/gym owner will earn 3 free nights. If the coach is booked for 2 nights, the entire stay will be complimentary for that reservations. There will be an additional night earned that can be applied to a second reservation.
  • Comp rooms must be applied to an existing reservation. (Event Pipe ID Required for form submission)
  • Comp rooms can only be applied within the hotel in which they are earned.
  • Comp rooms must be used during the event and are non-transferrable and do not hold cash value.
  • The Comp Room Request Form must be filled out at least 6 weeks prior prior to the event dates.
  • Coaches/gym owners will still be responsible for the non-fundable booking fees at the time of booking, as well as any applicable hotel/resort fees and standard taxes. 
  • Comp rooms may be applied/adjusted after check-out in order for the hotel to review total rooms booked by your team. Remember that last minute cancellations will affect the number of comp rooms earned.
  • Questions regarding this process may be submitted to 


To apply for your comp rooms, please complete the form below.
To apply comp rooms to multiple reservations, please fill out the form PER Pipe ID to be applied to comp nights.

Comp Room Request Form – Cheer/Dance/Gymnastics

You must have an existing reservation to apply comp nights to.
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