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Event Housing

Team Travel Source is the leader in tournament housing for youth sports. Founded by event producers — for event producers — TTS understands the small things that make a BIG difference for tournament directors and sports families when they travel. The owners and staff have more than 100+ years of sports event planning experience and have a FULL understanding of your needs. Our extensive industry knowledge and priceless city and hotel relationships give us the leverage to negotiate exceptional rates with all hotel chains throughout the country. We manage your event housing from beginning to end, taking it all off of your plate so that you can focus on the event itself. Our culture driven team creates a professional experience for your attendees with a simple booking process, all the while generating revenue for your bottom line.

We’re not just a one size fits all model like many others in our space. The TTS process is custom and different for every one of our partners, no matter how big or small their product – and goals – are.

Our Results

Why TTS is the Choice for You!

  • We see you as our PARTNER, and we work to grow your event.
  • We CUSTOMIZE our systems and services to fit your needs.
  • TTS places our HIGHEST VALUE on CUSTOMER SERVICE! We provide a PERSONAL TOUCH with all of your valued players…your team, your athletes, your attendees, your cities and your hotels.
  • We have REAL PEOPLE that answer the phones and take care of your customers as well as extended call center hours to service all time zones.
  • TTS is at the forefront of trending TECHNOLOGY including our custom internal operating system, event branded booking sites, mobile event apps, and booking software that TTS partnered to create.
  • We PROACTIVELY TARGET TEAMS that are attending your event! We contact all teams registered for your event and teams who have expressed interest in attending or have attended in the past. You provide the lists….we do the rest!
  • TTS will take care of your VIPs! We are dedicated to providing first class, white glove service to your VIP teams.
  • Team Travel Source supports event producers’ STAY-TO-PLAY events. We are known in the industry to have a unique process that attains 100% compliance status for events! We educate your attendees and coaches on the POSITIVE value that Stay to Play brings to the event and to them personally.
  • We offer STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS to keep the attendees aware of all event and hotel details and provide additional value that only attendees who book in the block will receive!
  • We PROMOTE YOU! We focus on promoting your event, your sponsors and the city including custom branding, multiple sponsorship placements, and can promote merchandise sales, tickets and virtually anything you want!
  • We offer LAST MINUTE RESERVATIONS! Last minute room requests will be managed with our TTS LIVE! portal. This system is directly connected to hotels and provides an instant reservation confirmation. This ensures that we capture all possible room nights for your event.
  • 100% TRANSPARENCY! TTS gives you access to all of your event housing details in REAL TIME. All of your events will be housed on ONE DASHBOARD.
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