Team Travel Source


Top pain points for facility directors

No staffing available to manage housing

TTS handles on-site housing staff management, providing a comprehensive suite of services that takes care of all your housing needs, allowing you to focus on other priorities. Consider TTS an extension of your team!

Streamlining Housing for Multiple Event Producers

Navigating the different housing procedures of event producers can be daunting. TTS is here to seamlessly tie all of these housing elements together, presenting you with a beautifully integrated solution.

Too few nearby hotels

TTS possesses invaluable relationships with all national hotel brands. Our extensive network and undeniable influence ensure that we hold the key to unlocking the inventory needed for your event, even in the most remote and challenging locations.

What you’re missing


Event is booked, facility staff try to coordinate with area hotels on dates/rates/concessions, emails and calls bounce back and forth, some hotels participate, some don’t, end result may be a link posted to facility webpage directing teams and participants to “click here” or “call hotel” to book rooms.

When event is over, facility staff tries to connect with hotel sales manager to get pick up reports and data to show how many rooms were booked and dollars generated by facility events. Hotel isn’t sure how many of the rooms over those dates were actually athletes or teams, or can’t provide the proper reporting. Online link was disabled a month before the event for a cut off date and no rooms picked up after that get recorded. Final report is a fraction of what the actual room night count and economic impact should be and the process has stressed out staff from both facility and hotels not to mention that lack of quality experience for the incoming teams and families.


Facillity gives TTS dates, TTS handles ALL hotel communications along with Team Relations and Customer Service. Facility staff has access to 24/7 realtime reporting to view and track room nights, hotel properties, etc and teams/participants have one landing page/link to handle their lodging view reservations and make changes.

Post event, TTS sends a final report to facility along with a rebate check for all actualized room nights generated by your event.

It’s that easy. Or, it’s that hard.

Top reasons to partner with TTS

It’s FREE!

There is no cost for Team Travel Source services! We are dedicated to providing exceptional support and helping you make the most of your housing arrangements without any financial burden.


TTS excels at securing housing rebates, with a proven track record of achieving an impressive average increase of 20% for our clients.


Instant access to comprehensive reports and essential metrics. Facility directors can confidently present accurate data that showcases the economic impact of hosting events.

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