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The Helping Hands Award

The Helping Hands Award is the Team Travel Source sponsorship of housing for teams in need of financial assistance to attend a USA Volleyball Championship event. This award is intended to financially assist teams who would otherwise not be able to attend Nationals due to the cost of hotel rooms for the tournament. Team Travel Source wants to facilitate these exceptional teams’ journey to the 2023 Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships, 2023 Boys’ Junior National Championships, 2023 Girls’ Junior National Championships or the 2023 Open National Championships. If you are on a team that could use financial help to get to one of these championships or you know of a team that would be able to join us at Nationals if they were to receive this award, let us know!

Complete your submission by sending us a short essay or video explaining your team’s specific situation and how this sponsorship would give your team the chance to attend Nationals. Please include documentation of ANY State or Federal Assistance that your athletes receive (if applicable). To award this prize to a truly financially burdened team, USAV and Team Travel Source have the right to verify any information submitted. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Evan Schreiman at 502-354-9103 or

Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships & Open National Championships: April 4th
Boys’ & Girls’ Junior National Championships: April 18th

Helping Hands Award Application

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Give a detailed description on why you are nominating the above-mentioned team. What about this team makes them the most deserving of The Helping Hands Award? In order to give the selection committee the best insight into the team you are nominating, be as descriptive as possible.

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