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Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is excited to partner with Team Travel Source as the official housing company for the 2023-2024 season!


Region Brand Name Housing Designation Event Start Date Event End Date Location City, ST City ST Booking Link Division Additional Hotels
18U/16U/15O East Showcase Buffalo 10/20/23 10/22/23 Buffalo NY Buffalo, NY 18U/16U/15O Not Available
18U/16U/15O West Showcase Anaheim 10/20/23 10/22/23 Anaheim CA Anaheim, CA 18U/16U/15O Not Available
16U/15O Showcase Chicago 11/10/23 11/13/23 Chicago IL Chicago, IL 16U/15O Not Available
13U/12U Showcase Nashville 11/10/23 11/12/23 Nashville TN Nashville, TN 13U/12U Not Available
18U Showcase Detroit 11/17/23 11/19/23 Detroit MI Detroit, MI 18U/16U/15O Not Available
16U/15O Showcase Dallas 11/17/23 11/20/23 Dallas TX Dallas, TX 16U/15O Not Available
13U/12U Championship Detroit 12/01/23 12/03/23 Detroit MI Detroit, MI 13U/12U Not Available
11U/10U Showcase Chicago 12/08/23 12/10/23 Chicago IL Chicago, IL 11U/10U Not Available
14U/15O/16U/18U Showcase Phoenix 12/15/23 12/18/23 Phoenix AZ Phoenix, AZ 14U/15O/16U/18U Not Available
14U Showcase Detroit 12/15/23 12/17/23 Detroit MI Detroit, MI 14U Not Available
13U/12U Showcase Denver 12/15/23 12/17/23 Denver CO Denver, CO 13U/12U Not Available
10U Showcase Detroit 01/05/24 01/07/24 Detroit MI Detroit, MI 10U Not Available

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