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When will I receive a request to submit pick-up?

  • Team Travel Source accounting team will send you an email the day after the group departs.
  • You will be provided a form with instructions to complete with actualized/revenue producing room nights from the group.

When is the final pick-up due back to Team Travel Source?

  • Per our contracts, we ask that the final pick-up is returned no later than 5 business days after departure.
  • We owe final reports and rebate payments to our clients very soon after the event and need each hotel to submit final numbers to meet our contractual obligations.
  • If a hotel fails to report the final numbers, the hotel agrees to pay all concessions on the room nights as of our cut-off date.

What information do I need to provide after the group departs?

  • Actualized Room Nights
  • Group Revenue
  • Cancellation List
  • Final Rooming List
  • Reward Point submission info per contract

Will I receive an actual invoice?

  • YES! After submitting the final pick-up, TTS accounting team will send you an actual invoice to be processed.
  • If there is someone or somewhere specific, we should send the invoice to be processed, please include this information when submitting the pick-up.
  • If you need a split invoice, please include this request when submitting the final pick-up.

When are commission and rebates due to Team Travel Source?

  • Most of our hotel contract’s state that all commission and rebate payments must be made to TTS no later than 30 days following receipt of the invoice.
  • Please refer to the executed contract for each specific group for your specific payment terms.  
  • Team Travel Source will collect all commission and rebate payments from all hotels and distribute the rebates accordingly to our client.
  • The hotel is responsible for all coordination through any third-party payment companies (FastPay, CTAC, Marriott group commissions etc.)

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