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Frequently Asked Questions

EventPipe Hotel Partner Knowledge Base

1. URL for EventPipe

2. When will I have access to the rooming list?
The latest you would receive access to your rooming list is first thing, the morning of cut-off. We try to
grant access at least 1 day prior though to allow time for entry.

3. What does ‘Booked’ mean?
These rooms are fully reserved with credit cards and will be included on the rooming list, once you’re
given access.

4. What does ‘Held’ mean?
Held is the quantity of rooms being held in a courtesy hold/group block for a team. These rooms are
held aside a certain number of days and that specific team will be the only ones with access until that
deadline. Once the deadline has passed, any rooms that remain will drop back to the ‘Available’

5. What does ‘Waitlisted’ mean?
This means that when the guest was attempting to book that specific night, it was unavailable. The
guest elected to join a waiting list for available inventory. If you’re showing 0 available and would like
to add the night they’re waitlisted for, please email and we’ll
get the night added, confirming the guest.

6. Can I add additional inventory if I’m sold out?
Absolutely. Email the Account Manager for the event with the quantities you’re looking to increase.

7. I’d like to extend my cut-off date for additional books. How?
You can email Hotel Relations ( or the Account Manager with
the proposed cut-off date and we’ll update on our end.

Rooming List Access

1. How do I see guest credit card data?
There are two buttons that will allow you to download the list. The ‘download room list’ will
include credit card data (and is no longer an option once the confirmation numbers are assigned.)
Export All Reservations does not include guest credit card data.

2. Can I email guests their confirmation?
Since they must continue to come through Team Travel Source for changes and cancellations, an email from
the hotel may cause confusion. Please do not send guests any communication until the week of arrival. If your
system auto sends, please remove emails before uploading.

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