Team Travel Source

Meet The Team

While the owners of TTS have valuable event planning and housing experience, we also take great pride in hiring and maintaining amazing staff. All of our team members are dedicated, ethical, aggressive, professional and compassionate individuals who keep our partners needs in mind at all times.

  1. April LaFramboise

    Owner & Character Builder

    Direct Line 502-792-7327

  2. Serena Higdon

    Owner & Dragonfly Lover

    Direct Line 410-544-2245

  3. Kelley Roberts

    Partner/President & Broadway Junkie

    Direct Line 502-242-0263

  4. Josh Akright

    Partner/VP of Sales & Business Development

  5. Sarah Wise

    VP of Marketing and Brand Image & Queen Maker

    Direct Line 502-631-9853

  6. Ainsley Harris

    VP of Customer Success and Retention & #BoyMom

    Direct Line 502-563-1064

  7. Christina Heintz

    VP of Business Analytics and Strategy & #DogMom

    Direct Line 502-242-0264

  8. Angela Forte

    VP of Systems and Productivity & Pineapple

    Direct Line 502-230-7141

  9. Kirsten Haysley

    VP of Finance & Buddy the Elf

    Direct Line 502-480-8044

  10. Sydney Holnagel

    Executive Administrator & Lover of Podcasts

    Direct Line 502-480-8053

    Executive Support
  11. Joe Albsmeyer

    Director of Sales and Strategic Planning & Avenger

    Direct Line 502-536-7303

    Sales & Marketing
  12. Mike Craigen

    Sales Manager & Canadian, Eh?

    Direct Line 502-430-6197

    Sales & Marketing
  13. Catherine Delaney

    Director of Accounts & #BoysLacrosseMom

    Direct Line 502-631-9854

    Account Directors
  14. Kristi Lee

    Director of Hockey Accounts & Snow Bird

    Direct Line 502-242-0261

    Account Directors
  15. Vicki Golemboski

    Director of Soccer, Field Hockey and Lacrosse Accounts & The Lunch Runner

    Direct Line 502-242-2661

    Account Directors
  16. LeAnne Humphrey

    Director of Cheer, Dance, and Gymnastics Accounts & Vol for Life

    Direct Line 502-563-1059

    Account Directors
  17. Patricia Driscoll

    Director of Facilities & Multi-Sport Accounts & Girl On Fire

    Direct Line 502-242-0265

    Account Directors
  18. Brittany Raber

    Director of Sport Accounts & True Crime Junkie

    Direct Line 502-536-7225

    Account Directors
  19. Chelsea Ancona

    Director of Volleyball Accounts & Pinterest DIY Queen

    Direct Line 502-792-0291

    Account Directors
  20. Adriana Jaimes

    Soccer, Field Hockey and Lacrosse Account Admin & #DogMom

    Direct Line 502-242-6361

    Account Teams
  21. Erin Hobson

    Volleyball Account Manager & Cat Lady

    Direct Line 502-242-6363

    Account Teams
  22. Kayleah Barnes

    Volleyball Account Manager & Berner Lover

    Direct Line 502-493-6973

    Account Teams
  23. Katie Nagel

    Director of Volleyball Accounts & #BBN & Caffeine Queen

    Direct Line 502-563-1058

    Account Teams
  24. Chris Miele

    Soccer, Field Hockey and Lacrosse Account Manager & Disney Enthusiast

    Direct Line 502-493-6967

    Account Teams
  25. Mark Walker

    Facilities Account Manager & Trivia Aficionado

    Direct Line 502-792-7513

    Account Teams
  26. Rebecca Brittain

    Volleyball Account Mananger & Georgia Peach

    Direct Line 502-901-3159

    Account Teams
  27. Alex Holbrook

    Sports Account Manager

    Direct Line 502-493-6978

    Account Teams
  28. Dana Frakes

    Hockey Account Manager & Queso Fiend & #RTR

    Direct Line 502-242-0657

    Account Teams
  29. Sydney Pridemore

    Cheer Account Manager & Vol For Life

    Direct Line 502-563-1065

    Account Teams
  30. Tara Quigley

    Cheer Account Manager & Keurig Barista

    Direct Line 502-804-1802

    Account Teams
  31. Chelsea McCormick

    Sport Account Admin & Podcast Addict

    Direct Line 502-631-9851

    Account Teams
  32. Erin Hendrix

    Cheer Account Admin & SoCal Girl

    Direct Line 502-242-0656

    Account Teams
  33. Lexie Dawson

    Cheer Account Admin & Crazy Cat Lady

    Direct Line 502-804-1803

    Account Teams
  34. Juan McCrory

    Volleyball Account Admin & Pop Culture Connoisseur

    Direct Line 502-234-1912

    Account Teams
  35. Ally Crain

    Account Admin & True Crime Junkie

    Direct Line 502-885-4070

    Account Teams
  36. Aliya March

    Team Relations Specialist & Nap Enthusiast

    Direct Line 502-242-6358

    Team Relations
  37. Alyx White

    Team Relations Specialist

    Direct Line 502-804-1801

    Team Relations
  38. Barbie Baggett

    Team Relations Specialist

    Direct Line 502-792-0228

    Team Relations
  39. Brooks Mattingly

    Team Relations Specialist & College Football Enthusiast

    Direct Line 502-442-2331

    Team Relations
  40. Zak Jansing

    Team Relations Specialist & Retired Grade School Soccer Coach

    Direct Line 502-242-6362

    Team Relations
  41. Beth Matran

    Director of Team Relations & Cool Mom

    Direct Line 502-242-5555

    Team Relations
  42. Amy Thompson

    Customer Relations Specialist

    Customer Relations
  43. Cameron Vocke

    Team Hockey Admin & Retired Stand-Up Comedian

    Direct Line 502-804-1800

    Account Teams
  44. Eugene Younger

    Team Relations Specialist & French Fry Enthusiast

    Direct Line 502-242-6359

    Team Relations
  45. Evan Schreiman

    Team Relations Specialist & Music Aficionado

    Direct Line 502-792-0200

    Team Relations
  46. Hannah Schuster

    Team Relations Specialist & Good Vibes Queen

    Direct Line 502-289-1040

    Team Relations
  47. Peyton Rhea

    Team Relations Specialist & Lover of All Bad Teams

    Direct Line 502-804-1804

    Team Relations
  48. Dawn Ashburn

    Customer Relations Manager & Flip Flop Junkie

    Direct Line 502-631-9855

    Customer Relations
  49. Caleigh Meek

    Customer Relations Specialist

    Customer Relations
  50. Allison Epp

    Customer Relations Specialist

    Customer Relations
  51. Carissa McCalls

    Customer Relations Specialist & Food Network Fanatic

    Customer Relations
  52. Denise Buenning

    Customer Relations Specialist & English Bulldog Aficionado

    Direct Line 502-430-6125

    Customer Relations
  53. Lee’Anne Hardin

    Director of Hotel Relations & Poke'Master

    Direct Line 502-480-8045

    Hotel Relations
  54. Jackie Napper

    Hotel Relations Specialist & #ThatGirlOnTheEllenShow

    Direct Line 502-536-7240

    Hotel Relations
  55. Bridget McCabe

    IT Project Manager/Customer Relations Strategist & Lover of Leopard Print

    Direct Line 410-544-2544

  56. Bec Haddaway

    Accounting Manager & Taco Bell Queen

    Direct Line 502-242-6365

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