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Dawn Ashburn

Cheer, Dance & Gymnastics Account Manager & Flip Flop Junkie

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Baltimore MD. I have 3 wonderful children; Joey, James and Allie. Joey and James are twin boys. Allie is my mini me. When I was growing up, I wanted to dance. I always dreamed of being a back up dancer. I was in tap for a few years but I also played Volleyball and cheered in high school. I love everything sports, my favorite sport is football. You will find me in front of a tv on any given Sunday;  whether it is NFL or College Football, unless my children are at their sports practice/games. Joey is my football kid, James is my karate kid and Allie follows in her mama’s footsteps in cheer and dance. I am very outgoing and love to travel; whether it is with my family or a group of friends – they all look to me to plan everything out. I have been in Customer Service for my entire adult life, Customer Service is really in any job you have honestly. I have been the Customer Service Manager since I pretty much started at TTS a little over 4 years ago. I absolutely love TTS and what we stand for and watching the company continue to grow.

Three words that best describe you.

Loyal, Outgoing, Leader

What awards/recognitions if any have you received while working at TTS?

Essential Piece Awards, Fist Bumps, WOAH Man Award, Super Service Award for Superior Customer Service, Savvy Socialite Award

Which core value is your personal favorite and why?

I think all of our Core Values go hand in hand together but I think Integrity is my favorite. Our company is very transparent with everyone; our partners, our hotels, our guests and our employees. Its simple – honestly is the best policy!

What are your hobbies?

My kids, reading, singing, dancing, amusement parks, concerts, traveling (beach or mountains), getting all my friends and family together.

Name of the person that inspires you the most.

My mom, Robin

What is your favorite memory of working at TTS?

I have so many I could list. I think everything we do is great. If I had to list just one it would be the Connect Conference in Salt Lake City. I just won the WOAH Man Award and was able to attend. It was great to sit back and see that side of TTS and really get a bigger picture of how things come together. It was simply amazing.

What is the best thing about working at TTS?

There is so many reasons but I think our TEAMWORK with each other, no matter what department we are in, is amazing. We have such a family atmosphere at TTS which is why it all works so well together.

To make the world a better place we should...

Love each other and embrace that we are all different in own way and there is nothing wrong with that!

Who is waiting for you at home?

My children and boyfriend, Blaine

Favorite Quote

Everything Happens For A Reason!

Dawn Ashburn
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