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Max Metrovich

Volleyball Account Admin & Professional Nerd

tell us about yourself.

I have had the pleasure of working hospitality and customer service positions dating back to one of my very first jobs at Hyatt Regency of Louisville. I graduated Sullivan University with a degree in hotel/restaurant management in 2013 and have (mostly) remained in that realm until beginning my career at TTS. I have always been a fan of sports and am a massive soccer fan (no offense, volleyball team!), which led me to pursue a path with Team Travel Source- hoping to mix professional experience with personal interest.

Personally, I very much enjoy anything fantasy/sci-fi related- video games (RPGs are life), tabletop games like D&D or Warhammer, movies, shows, novels, fan fiction and more. I also really enjoy hip-hop music of all varieties and can’t get enough of watching the English Premier League.

Three words that best describe you.

Introverted Extrovert.

Name the person that inspires you the most.

Didier Drogba

What is your favorite Core Value and why?

Be a Team Player – because I enjoy working with others and being a part of a team

causes you support.

Foster Care Programs- my wife was a social worker for a long time and I’ve seen the positive impact it can have on children firsthand.

Favorite Quote

“Sooner or later you’re going to realize that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path” -Morpheus from the Matrix

Max Metrovich
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