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USA All Star Super Nationals & USA Dance Nationals

USA All Star Super Nationals & USA Dance Nationals

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim, CA

March 22-24, 2024



Teams that attend the 2024 USA All Star Super Nationals are required to book rooms through Team Travel Source (TTS) in order to participate.




    • No need to save your spot in line. Your registration timestamp will serve this purpose.
    • A schedule will be emailed by a later date letting each program know when they will receive the event’s Live Inventory Link.
    • On your assigned day and time, Team Travel Source will send the program coordinator the Live Inventory Booking Link to block your rooms/hotels for your program. Once finished, you will receive an email with your CUSTOM booking link that contains the rooms you held specifically for your group. These rooms will be available for 3 days and any rooms not booked will be released back into general inventory at that time.
    • Programs will be allow to hold one room per registered coach/athlete. Example: If there are 45 coaches and athletes registered for the event, a program can hold 45 rooms in their block. Any rooms blocked above this amount will be subject to release by TTS at our discretion.
    • Please know that the group next in line will be given access to the Live Inventory system shortly after you, so make your selections quickly to ensure you get the best rooms!
    • For additional questions, please contact Team Travel Source at 502-354-9103 or email


    • Check out our Group Block Tutorial ahead of time! You will be securing your rooms in our LIVE inventory system, so be ready to hold rooms at available hotels. The next person in line will have access 15-30 minutes after you receive the link.
    • Group blocks are set up for 3 days. Any rooms not booked will be released back into general inventory. Make sure your group is ready to book when you set up a block! Click HERE for a tutorial on setting up a group block.



September 7, 2023 – Housing link email schedule begins
September 14, 2023 – Housing link posted on this site for public access.
January 30, 2024 – Deadline to submit exemptions



You will be given the opportunity to book coach rooms at the host hotels this season! Each program will be offered one room for every team registered.

(Example – If you are bringing 5 teams to the event, you will be offered 5 coach rooms to book).



Team Travel Source does not require rosters to track compliancy. We will track your reservations and athlete names. When booking a room, you are required to include the athlete name. Our Team Relation’s crew will update your compliance tracking weekly to ensure you are eligible to compete in the event! (Tracking includes registration updates, athletes booked, approved exemptions and monitoring cancellations).

Housing Requirement/Exemption Update:
Programs within 150 miles of the venue will be considered local and exempt from housing requirement for USA All Star Super Nationals for 2024. Any athletes that only compete 1 day will be exempt from the housing requirement (Prep/Rec/Dance 1-day competitors).Programs outside of the local radius will also be able to utilize rental properties like AirBNB, VRBO, etc. to save on costs, as some rates have risen due to spring break in the area. Those that chose this option will still need to complete an exemption form so that it can be tracked as an approved exemption.



The DEADLINE to submit an exemption for 2024 USA All Star Super Nationals is January 30th.
Click HERE for approved exemptions.