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With decades of sports event planning experience, Team Travel Source was created to revolutionize the event housing experience with a focus on exceeding our partner’s expectations. Over the years, we recognized the void in genuine customer care and TTS was born to provide event producers, CVBs and Sports Commissions the personalized service they deserve.

The portfolio of brands we service is diverse and we recognize that every organization is different. We know you are unique and that YOU know what will work best for your events and your customers. Our processes and technology have revolutionized how housing is managed in a customizable way for our customers and our goal is to provide the very best experience for everyone we work with.

Our Results

Why TTS is the Choice for You!

  • We see you as our PARTNER, and we work to drive the most revenue possible for your city, hotels and your local businesses.
  • We understand that CVBs & Sports Commissions often want to SOURCE THE LEAD and we are here to offer any necessary support.
  • TTS makes it a priority to understand the financial investment you have in the event producer.
  • We maintain the best HOTEL RELATIONSHIPS within the sports housing industry. Hotels love to work with us!
  • Team Travel Source supports event producers’ STAY TO PLAY events. We are known in the industry to have a unique process that attains 100% compliance status for events which equates to more revenue for your city!
  • TTS places our HIGHEST VALUE on CUSTOMER SERVICE! We provide a PERSONAL TOUCH with your city contacts and your hotels.
  • TTS is at the forefront of trending TECHNOLOGY including our custom internal operating system, event branded booking sites, mobile event apps, and booking software that TTS partnered to create.
  • We offer STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS to keep the attendees aware of all event and hotel details and provide additional value that only attendees who book in the block will receive!
  • We PROMOTE YOU! We focus on your city with multiple ad placements and offer added value for visitors by promoting restaurants, attractions and entertainment!
  • We offer LAST MINUTE RESERVATIONS! Last minute room requests will be managed with our TTS LIVE! portal. This system is directly connected to hotels and provides an instant reservation confirmation. This ensures that we capture all possible room nights for your event.
  • 100% TRANSPARENCY! TTS gives you access to all of your event housing details in REAL TIME. All of your events will be housed on ONE DASHBOARD.



NOTE: If you are a COACH OR TEAM MANAGER and are interested in setting up group blocks for an event, please CLICK HERE.

If you need to speak to someone regarding an individual reservation or a team block for an upcoming event, please select CLICK HERE for the general contact form. You can also call us at 502-354-9103 during normal business hours. Additionally, you may be able to make changes to your reservation online by CLICKING HERE.

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