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Modifying or Cancelling a Reservation

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?
You can modify or cancel your reservation online, any time, day or night. Just click “Modify Reservation” at the bottom of your EventPipe confirmation email or click here.

Am I charged a hotel cancellation fee to modify my reservation?
Each hotel will have its own cancellation policy, please refer to your specific properties policies. In most cases, if modifications are made at least 72 hours prior to arrival, there are no fees associated.
*Some hotels have more extensive policies, please refer to your confirmation email for details.

How do I transfer my room reservation to another guest?
If someone is taking over your reservation, you will want to make sure all the reservations details are changed to the guest who is taking it over including updating the credit card on file. You can make the change here or you can call our Customer Experience line to add a note to your reservation that another guest will be taking it over. Once the note is added, the new guest can call, and we will update the information for them. We will not modify your reservation without your permission.

If you need additional assistance, please text or call our Customer Experience line at 502-354-9103 or you can email You can also access our Live Chat feature at

Room Blocks

How do I create a block of rooms?
Each event will have its own link for creating a group block, please visit the event (tournament, competition, game) page. There should be a hotel link that will give you all housing information including the website to create a block of rooms! 

Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to create a group block.

If you need additional assistance, please text or call our Team Experience line at 502-354-9103, Option 1 or you can email Our Team Experience hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST. You can also access our Live Chat feature at


How do I join the waitlist? 
If the hotel you’re requesting is sold out on the dates you need, you may be given the option to join the waitlist. If availability states Join Waitlist, you will be able to join the waitlist. You’ll complete the booking process like normal, including payment method. If the nights say Sold Out, you are unable to join the waitlist.

Why is the waitlist not available for the hotel I want? 
Some waitlists are turned off because the hotel has another large in-house group and cannot offer more rooms than what is contracted; it could also be due to the waitlist is full and no longer accepting waitlist reservations; or due to the proximity of the event.

Do I have to pay to join the waitlist? 
No, it is free to join the waitlist!

If payment is not able to be confirmed when your night(s) become available, you will be given 24 hours to update payment method. Unfortunately, we are not able to hold the available inventory so please ensure your payment method is valid when joining the waitlist so that you’re able to be confirmed as soon as the night(s) are available.

When will my waitlisted reservation be confirmed?
You will be confirmed off the waitlist in the order you joined. We cannot confirm an exact time as to when the waitlist may be fulfilled. However, rest assured, we are working diligently with the hotel to secure your waitlisted request. Approximately 20 days prior to arrival, we will notify you if your waitlist isn’t going to be able to be confirmed. If you have any confirmed nights, you will have the option to keep those confirmed nights, removing the waitlisted nights. If payment is declined, all nights will be cancelled.

If your waitlisted reservation is confirmed, don’t forget to cancel any other existing TTS reservations if they are no longer needed!

Booking Fees

What is a reservation fee?
Every reservation is charged a non-refundable reservation fee at the time of booking. This fee covers the processing and administering of your reservation.

What is the Team Travel Source (TTS) Cancellation Policy?
Team Travel Source has a non-refundable cancellation fee (amount subject to change by event) for any reservation that is cancelled after a specified date. This fee helps to ensure the validity of each reservation. Team Travel Source strives to provide the best available options to all attendees and to ultimately secure as many people as possible in the hotel of their choice. This fee is only charged when a confirmed reservation is canceled after the specified cancellation date. This date is specific to each event and is stated on your Confirmation Email.

What is Team Travel Source’s Cancel Convenience?
Team Travel Source’s Cancel Convenience is a mandatory, non-refundable fee. The fee is automatically charged per reservation at the time of booking. Most reservations equipped with TTS Cancel Convenience are eligible for free cancellation up until 72 hours prior to arrival, unless otherwise noted. In waiving these cancellation fees, TTS hopes to provide extra comfort and flexibility to guests planning their event season travel! Please note that Housing Protection is a separate, optional coverage that is offered in addition to TTS Cancel Convenience. 

Why are some hotels with Cancel Convenience not eligible for free cancellation up until 72 hours prior to arrival?
Our host hotels and prime properties for certain events may not be eligible for Cancel Convenience as these properties can have extended cancellations or deposits to reserve the rooms. These policies help to ensure no one person or program holds rooms that they will not utilize at properties where many guests are trying to book. It assists in making sure every person and every program has a fair shot at the most coveted inventory.

Where can I find the details of the cancellation policies?
You will find the policies under the Hotel Policies when looking to book your room, under the Reservation Policies when confirming your booking or if you booked a reservation, this is accessible from your Confirmation Email or through the Manage Booking portal. Please keep in mind the hotel will have their own cancellation policy that will be charged in addition to any cancellation fees. 

What is a Premier Property Fee?
Team Travel Source’s Premier Property Fee is a mandatory, non-refundable fee for this event hotel. The fee is automatically charged per reservation at the time of booking. Hotel rooms at Premier Properties are in high demand; therefore, this fee is in place to protect the inventory.

What is administrative processing?
Any changes or cancellation are filtered through Team Travel Source through the week of the event. Our customer service team is ready to go above and beyond to ensure you don’t have the hassle of handling changes, cancellations, modifications on your own! Team Travel Source monitors all event-wide cancellations, and should an event cancel for any reason, do not worry about reaching out to cancel your reservation — TTS will do all the work for you and send an email confirmation when complete!

Housing Protection
An extra protection for your reservation to ease your mind for the uncertainties leading up to the day of check-in. This can only be purchased at the time of booking. The amount varies based on how many nights, hotel and location. For more information, click here.

What does housing protection offer that TTS Cancel Convenience does not?
If a reservation is equipped with Cancel Convenience, guests will have up until 72 hours prior to arrival for ANY reason. Housing protection may cover cancellations that cover after that 72-hour period. For more information on housing protection, check out this link.​

Stay to Play / Housing Requirements

What is ‘Stay to Play’ or a ‘Housing Requirement?’
The event producer determines whether the event has a housing requirement which is considered Stay to Play. In competitive event markets, the event producer is competing for tournament space, concessions from the city, etc. The only way the event producer can leverage the event against others that are requesting the same convention center/sports center space/dates is to provide proof of the revenue that the event brings to the city. That way is to make it a stay to play event so that reservation data can be tracked in our system and reported back to the event producer to use in their negotiations. Many amateur sporting events in this country use the stay to play system for that reason. We negotiate our rates with contracted hotels as far in advance as possible to ensure inventory.

When booking your reservation for a Stay to Play event, to ensure accurate information to count towards your team’s compliancy, please spell out each individual field.

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