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Modifying or Cancelling a Reservation

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?
You can modify or cancel your reservation online, any time, day or night. Just click “Modify Reservation” at the bottom of your Guest Receipt email or click here.

If you need additional assistance, please call our customer service line at 502-354-9103 or you can email You can also access our Live Chat feature at

Room Blocks

What is the link to request a block of rooms?
Each event will have its own link for creating a group block, please visit the event (tournament, competition, game) page. There should be a hotel link that will give you all housing information including the website to request a block of rooms! If you need additional assistance, please call our Team Relations line at 502-354-9103, Option 3 or you can email the applicable email below. Our Team Relations hours are 8:30AM – 5 PM EST. (includes all sports except for cheer, dance or volleyball)

You can also access our Live Chat feature at


How do I join the waitlist? 
If the hotel or night(s) you’re requesting are sold out, you may be given the option to join the waiting list. You’ll complete the booking process like normal, including payment method. Once your night(s) are available, they will be automatically confirmed. You will not be charged any booking fees until all nights are able to be confirmed.

If payment is not able to be confirmed when your night(s) become available, you will be given 24 hours to update payment method. Unfortunately, we are not able to hold the available inventory so please ensure your payment method is valid when joining the waitlist so that you’re able to be confirmed as soon as the night(s) are available.

When will my waitlisted reservation be confirmed?
We cannot confirm an exact time as to when the waitlist may be fulfilled. However, rest assured, we are working diligently with the hotel to try to secure your waitlisted request. Approximately 20 days prior to arrival, we will notify you if your waitlist isn’t going to be able to be confirmed. If you have any confirmed nights, you will have the option to keep those confirmed nights, removing the waitlisted nights. If payment is declined, all nights will be cancelled.

If my waitlisted reservation gets confirmed, am I able to cancel my other reservation? Would there be a fee?
Yes, if the original reservation is canceled within 5 days of the waitlisted reservation being confirmed, you can cancel your original reservation or the waitlisted reservation and any fees will be refunded. Please note, you will need to call us at 502.354.9103 to have these fees reversed.

Booking Fees

Am I charged a cancellation fee to modify my reservation?
Each hotel will have its own cancellation policy, please refer to your specific properties policies. In most cases, if modifications are made at least 72 hours prior to arrival, there are no fees associated. *Some hotels have more extensive policies, please refer to your guest receipt for details.

Where can I find the details of the cancellation policies?
All cancellation policies that were agreed to upon time of booking are listed on your guest receipt/confirmation email.

If I transfer my room reservation to another parent/person, will I incur cancellation fees?
Generally, there are not fees associated with someone ‘taking over’ your reservation. However, please refer to the specific hotels policies listed on your original guest receipt to confirm as some hotels do require an extensive cancellation policy.

Stay to Play / Housing Requirements

What is Stay to Play?

Stay to Play events are designated by the Tournament Producer, which requires athletes to book their hotel accommodations through the dedicated housing company. In order to be compliant and able to participate in the tournament a designated number of rooms must be booked per team. This number varies dependent upon the event producer, please visit your specific events web page for more details.

Why Stay to Play?

Reasons for implementing the Stay and Play policy are to increase the amount of room nights available to teams and clubs and to help secure the lowest group rates. By increasing the amount of room nights actualized, your tournament director can prove to the host cities our positive impact on their local economy, thus building stronger relationships as well as helping to offset event expenses, enabling the tournament company to keep costs down.

For more information on Stay to Play and the benefits please visit our Stay to Play page by clicking here.

How to I request an exemption?
If you the tournament offers an exemption, you can click here to submit your request:

Still Have Questions?

Please email or call our Customer Service Team at 502-354-9103.

Phone Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM EST​

Chat Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM EST

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